April RotM Winner – Traejae

Congratulation on to member Traejae for winning our April Ride of the Month contest. You captured the “MSAK’s Dirtiest Ride” theme perfectly and having the Northern Lights as your background was a great way to showcase our beautiful state!


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February RotM Winner – “TS Dork”

Congratulations to MSAK member “TS Dork” on his last-minute win in February’s Ride of the Month contest.  With the “Best Winter Shot” theme, we think sliding his Evo XI around the corner made for a perfect shot, and a definite winner.


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January RotM Winner – “racer x”

Congratulations to “racer x” for winning the January Ride of the Month contest!!!  Your Championship White ITR has been well-known around Anchorage for quite some time and the work you’ve done to it is among many other reasons you deserve to be a winner.


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December RotM Winner – “AK FILMER”

Congratulations to “AK FILMER” for winning the December Ride of the Month contest!!!  Your creative shot was a great way to kick-off this competition for 2013.  We hope you are enjoying your months worth of bragging rights!


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We’re getting there!

Here’s the beginning of the “front end” I’ve been talking about on the board.  I’ll be working on it as I get time and adding things to it such as a real, functional calendar and a “garage” type gallery.  I have other plans for it as well but I want to lay down the basics before I make the shopping list a mile long.

I’ll likely be asking for photo submissions to replace the wheel I’ve got here now.  Probably in the way of a contest or something (photographer watermarks are welcome) and a vote either here or on the forums.  Photogs, be thinking about that.

Suggested width is 1000 pixels. Suggested height is 288 pixels.

Anyhow, for now, enjoy.


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